What is Candle?

Decentralizing Religion

Candle Token (CNDL)

What is Candle?

Sooner or later, all attributes of the offline world could become virtual assets inside metaverses. Even such an intangible thing as Religion comes to the digital world. Discover the Candle startup that brings spirituality into the Candle’s metaverse.
Candle is a growing ecosystem of connected projects and apps created by Candle Labs Inc. ( that together make up the emerging Candle Metaverse, an interoperable ecosystem of chains, platforms and apps with a single focus on decentralizing religion.
The Candle Metaverse is designed to focus on humanity and taking power (and therefore ability to corrupt) away from a select group of individuals and institutions and giving back to the masses by enabling and supporting spiritual and religious projects from NFTs to donations to social media and everything in between.

What’s the Candle Metaverse?

The Candle Metaverse is a virtual place with tools and functions that mimic real-world spiritual actions. As a result, users receive remote and simple spiritual worship. In addition, people could obtain and trade NFTs representing metaverse’s lands and other items. So, the user or organization can create and manage spiritual practices on the decentralized blockchain.
The first project in this ecosystem is the creation of Candle token (CNDL). The development team behind Candle Labs has built this token with the intention of enabling anyone from anywhere in the world to safely practice his or her religious and spiritual rituals in a decentralized, transparent, and cost free fashion.
As we develop and grow, we will continue to populate this page with relevant information and details of how we are progressing to our goal.

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